How to create impact at scale with sustainable procurement

The supply chain is a critical lever for driving sustainable impact, and procurement plays a key role in implementing sustainable practices across the supply chain. But how can companies procure more sustainably to drive impact at scale? In this webinar, we will explore practical strategies and best practices for achieving sustainable impact through procurement, featuring insights from our customer Damen Shipyards.

Join us to learn:
  • How procurement can be a powerful tool for driving sustainability through the supply chain

  • Best practices for integrating sustainability into procurement processes and decision-making

  • Strategies for engaging suppliers and driving sustainable practices across the supply chain

  • Real-world examples and insights from sustainable procurement leaders

Our expert speakers will share their experiences and perspectives and there will be opportunities for Q&A. Don't miss this chance to learn how to leverage the supply chain to meet sustainability objectives and make a positive difference in your organization and beyond.