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Supply Chain
IntegrityNext enables procurement organizations to qualify and monitor their suppliers – to improve sustainability and compliance, meet customer demands and regulatory requirements.
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Industry leading companies work with IntegrityNext:

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The challenge

Activities can be outsourced, but responsibility can not

Today companies are facing a dramatically increasing awareness for all aspects of sustainability. Public pressure and international regulators are holding companies responsible not only for their own actions but also for those of their suppliers.

The solution

Supplier self-assessments & social media monitoring

IntegrityNext is a cloud-based platform that covers all major aspects of CSR and sustainability requirements, allowing companies to monitor thousands of suppliers with minimal administration.

Sustainability and compliance topics covered
  • Anti-Bribery, Anti-Corruption
  • Environmental Protection
  • Human Rights and Labor
  • Health and Safety
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Blacklists and Sanctions
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Protection (GDPR)
  • Conflict Minerals
and many more …

Monitor 100% of your suppliers with AI

The easiest way to monitor 100% of your suppliers 24/7? Social Media Monitoring gets to work as soon as you upload your suppliers onto the platform, giving you instant access to data. AI scans around one billion social media messages a day, links them to your suppliers and issues risk alerts in case of potential threats. You’ll be the first to know.

  • Round 1 billion news and messages scanned per day

  • Background information from news magazines, international authorities, NGOs, experts and employees

  • Early warnings on malpractice and reputational threats

  • 100% your suppliers and 100% your topics of interest

Automatically obtain supplier assessments

Dive deeper by automatically obtaining self-assessments from your suppliers. The questionnaires cover 20 sustainability and compliance topics and are based on the relevant international standards to ensure you are meeting regulatory requirements. To verify, IntegrityNext will collect your supplier’s certificates in a database for easy access.

  • Get supplier self-assessments and certificates

  • With pre-built supplier questionnaires

  • Adhering to international standards

  • Available in 13 languages

Get an instant CSR-Report to demonstrate your success

Your CEO wants procurement to support the sustainability goals of your company? IntegrityNext not only helps you to foster sustainability in your supply chain, it also provides you with an instant CSR-report that demonstrates your progress and contribution.

  • Get a pre-built CSR-Report certified by the GRI

  • As a customizable MS-PowerPoint slide deck

  • With all major supply chain KPIs from the GRI

Integrate sustainability data where it provides the most value

With IntegrityNext you can automatically collect sustainability and compliance information on all your suppliers. Enrich the supplier profiles in your purchasing systems, no matter if it is your ERP, catalogue, eSourcing, BI, performance or risk management. With APIs you can integrate your systems and the data will automatically flow to where it is needed.

  • Integrate sustainability and compliance checks in your supplier pre-qualification process

  • Approve or block suppliers in your ERP

  • Enhance your supplier risk profiles

  • Flag preferred suppliers in your catalogue system

  • Logo Clariant

     Our focus on sustainability makes us win new business. IntegrityNext gives us the necessary transparency about sustainability in our supply chain. 

    Markus Mirgeler
    Head of Global Procurement Services

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     With IntegrityNext we significantly increase the number of suppliers under control. 

    Ulrike Salb
    Senior Vice President
    Head of Global Procurement OSRAM

  • Logo Accenture

     IntegrityNext provides an innovative and scalable solution that enables our customers to automatically identify compliance risk in their supply base. 

    Francois-Xavier Bourbigot
    Managing Director
    Accenture Strategy

  • Logo Accenture

     Sustainability is an obligation. At DMG MORI this applies to procurement without any restrictions. The worldwide compliance with sustainability standards is therefore a basic requirement for us to collaborate with suppliers! 

    Timo Rickermann

  • Logo Accenture

     We expect our suppliers to share our principles and to act correctly in every respect, i.e. to fulfill their responsibility towards their employees, their business partners, society and the environment. IntegrityNext covers all sustainability issues that are currently relevant to us. 

    Dr. Götz Lauschke
    Evonik Industries AG

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