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How it works

Get supplier compliance assessments
combined with social media monitoring.

How the Platform works

Step 1
Register at IntegrityNext
Step 2
Upload your suppliers
Step 3
Your suppliers get invited

Supplier Compliance Assessment

Your suppliers perform self-assessments and confirm their compliance with sustainability standards and uploading their certificates.

Social Media Monitoring

IntegrityNext scans round 700 million messages every day to ensure you know first about reputational threats caused by your suppliers or their supply chain.

How you benefit

Pre-built Platform

IntegrityNext has everything you need to drive and monitor sustainability among your suppliers and their supply chain – instantly available and ready to execute.

User Experience

IntegrityNext has invested heavily in great user experience. To provide the utmost usability. IntegrityNext follows Mobile First & Responsive Design principles to be available on any device. Why should a business application not be enjoyable to use.

Small and Medium Enterprises

Especially small and medium size companies struggle with transforming requirements from international regulators into processes and systems. IntegrityNext relieves you from these hurdles. We provide you with a ready-made solution so that you can start immediately. IntegrityNext is affordable not only for large corporations but also for smaller departments and SMEs.

Multi-national Corporations

IntegrityNext dramatically reduces the effort for assessing and monitoring your suppliers so that you can highly extend the reach of your supplier vetting process. This allows you to not only cover the strategically important suppliers and the suppliers with high spend volume, but also your tail-end suppliers, indirect spend and sub-suppliers.

Free for your Suppliers

Easily on-board your suppliers. Your suppliers will not get charged. All you need is an email address of your supplier contact. Transform the way how you collect data during sourcing initiatives. Use IntegrityNext as part of your supplier onboarding.


Built on the latest secure engineering practices and equipped with tools to prevent unauthorized access. IntegrityNext runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in EU to provide a worldwide instantly available service with performant and secure infrastructure.

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