White Paper

Supply chain due diligence – Navigating complex regulatory landscapes

Part I

More and more jurisdictions are adopting due diligence regimes to account for the major sustainability impacts that supply chains cause in many industries. Companies directly affected by these regulatory initiatives increasingly pass on the requirements to their business partners, including smaller firms. A systematic, proactive and cross-departmental approach to risk management can help companies rise to the challenge and meet relevant due diligence provisions in an efficient manner.

What you will learn:

  • Why ESG due diligence regimes are on the rise

  • Which sustainability frameworks and regulatory tools procurement should be aware of

  • Essential trends and developments that are shaping supply chain due diligence legislation

  • How to approach ESG due diligence

Part II of this white paper can be found here. It outlines best practices in supply chain due diligence and provides an overview of the most relevant regulatory regimes in various regions.