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Monitor thousands of suppliers.
Minimal administration.
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Icon Social Media Compliance Intelligence Engine

Social Media Analytics Engine

The amount of unstructured social data has exploded over the last decade. Social media offers tremendous capabilities to strategically position and strengthen your brand. However, it can also become a threat to your business and brand. Supply chain compliance incidents among your first-tier suppliers or elsewhere in your supply chain can lead to significant reputational damage and a loss of revenue or company value.

Traditional methods of auditing suppliers’ performance are not scalable. They only address a limited number of suppliers and often do not take social media voices into consideration.

Managing the thousands of suppliers in today’s global supply chains requires a new, more scalable approach.

IntegrityNext’s Social Media Compliance Intelligence Engine provides the capabilities required to examine thousands of suppliers in real time. Our platform uncovers a wealth of publicly available data on your suppliers to better inform your business.

Round 700 million messages are crawled per day to reveal key insights on compliance-related voices and the topics trending among your suppliers:

  • Real-time checks across your suppliers

  • Millions of information sources worldwide

  • Identification of reputational risks among your
    suppliers and in your supply chain

Holistic Assessment Framework

Companies are required by international organizations and sanctioning bodies to monitor and check their suppliers and supply chains on a continuous basis. Companies often struggle to transform regulatory requirements into procedures and assessments for their suppliers and their entire supply chain.

IntegrityNext empowers companies of any size to enforce compliance and sustainability standards in their supply base and supply chain.

Pre-built questionnaires are covering bribery, corruption, environmental protection, human rights and labor, health and safety, supply chain responsibility, blacklist and sanctions, trading partner security, information security and conflict minerals.

These are standardized, scalable and reusable assessments applicable in any industry.

  • Standardized and scalable compliance assessments

  • Compliance score calculation based on multiple sources

  • Consolidation and aggregation within the supply chain

Icon Multi-tier Supply Chain Analytics Algorithm

Multi-tier Supply Chain Analytics

US laws such as the Dodd Frank Act Section 1502 or EU Directive 2014/95/EU require companies to take increasing responsibility for their own behavior as well as for the behavior of their suppliers and suppliers’ suppliers. A company’s responsibility now extends throughout their entire supply chain. IntegrityNext provides the capability to extend the checks from a company’s own suppliers to sub-suppliers and further down the supply chain.

Our advanced algorithms aggregate supply chain compliance from the lowest level of the supply chain to each ascending tier.

This allows customers at any point of the supply chain to clearly identify compliance threats. IntegrityNext provides comprehensive, secure multi-tier supply chain compliance aggregation.

  • Connects to all levels of the supply chain

  • Builds transparency across your entire supply chain

  • Provides multi-tier supplier compliance insights

Real-time Dashboard

The IntegrityNext dashboard offers you real-time access to all the metrics that you need to manage sustainability among your suppliers and to uncover reputational threads in your global supply chains.

Our dashboard provides insights on which amount of your suppliers has passed which sustainability assessment and how compliant your supply base actually is. It identifies high-risk suppliers, high-risk geographies, areas of improvement and uncovers where risks with sub-suppliers lurks.

The Social Media Analytics Engine crawls millions of data sources 24/7 and analyzes them with natural language algorithms to identify the messages and sentiments related to your suppliers and the sustainability topics relevant for your business.

Feel the pulse of the public opinion and read what stakeholders and insiders say about your suppliers. Learn who are your suppliers with the most negative sentiments in social media and which are the threads jeopardizing your companies’ reputation.

  • Identify high risk suppliers

  • Get real-time insights

  • Uncover reputational threats