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Free for suppliers.
14-days free trial for buyers.
Powerful and transparent platform subscriptions.

Pricing valid as of 01. July 2021. Platform for business use only.
Prices do not include sales tax. General Terms and Conditions

Detailed Comparison

  • Supplier
  • Number of users included

    Number of users to monitor your suppliers, e.g. category managers, sustainability responsibles, risk managers. Supplier users are free of charge.



    min. 3


  • Number of suppliers included

    Maximum number of suppliers which can be monitored through compliance assessments and social media analytics.





  • Compliance topics covered

    The following topics are covered
    Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption, Environmental Protection, Human Rights & Labor, Health & Safety, Supply Chain Responsibility, Financial Information, Conflict of Interest, Blacklists and Sanctions, Ship Recycling, Trading Partner Security, Business Continuity, Quality Management, Carbon Footprint, Energy Management, Cyber Security, Data Protection, Conflict Minerals, Cobalt, REACH, RoHS, Living Wages, Diversity.


  • Available in 13 languages

    The platform is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Czech, Chinese (simplified) and Chinese (traditional).

  • Pre-built supplier assessments

    Qualify your suppliers with pre-built and easy-to-use supplier self-assessments. The IntegrityNext platform automatically obtains self-assessments and certificates from your suppliers.

  • Social media monitoring

    The IntegrityNext platform monitors social media for malpractice, compliance violations and negative news about your suppliers. Discover compliance and reputational risks through your suppliers in an early stage.

  • Supplier compliance dashboard

    The comprehensive dashboard gives an overview about your KPIs and provides drill-in capabilities to see detailed information about the suppliers.

  • Sub-tier (n-tier) visibility

    Design and monitor your multi-tier supply chain and gain visibility into your direct suppliers and sub-tiers.




  • Email alerts for early warning

    Get email alerts for early warnings for malpractices of your suppliers as well as for reputational threats.

  • Document follow-up actions

    Document your follow-up actions with standard measures and responsible persons. Gain transparency and be prepared for future audits.

  • GRI certified CSR-Report

    Get a pre-built CSR-Report certified by the GRI with all major supply chain KPIs from the GRI reporting framework.

  • CSV data export

    Export your supplier data including their compliance results. Import the results into your procurement, risk or business analytics systems.

  • RESTful basic APIs

    Use RESTful web services to integrate IntegrityNext results into your ERP, procurement, analytics and risk management systems.


  • RESTful extended APIs

    Integrate assessment answers on question level via RESTful web services.



  • Supplier registration link

    Registration link with your company specific sub-domain e.g. for your pre-check, on-boarding and supplier qualification.

    without sub-domain
  • Premium Success Plan

    Get direct access to our highly skilled customer success team to increase adoption and secure success:
    - Learn how to get started from our experts
    - Get your dedicated customer success manager
    - Develop your roll-out plan with our experts
    - Online-training and web-tutorials
    - Development of integration concept

  • Validation Services

    When a supplier enters or changes information in the system, a standardized validation is done:
    - Validation for missing certificates
    - Check of the certificate date
    - Verification of document validity
    - Check with accreditation body




  • Create your sustainability profile

    Build your sustainability and compliance profile and upload your certificates or answer some questions to document your good business practices.

  • Share your sustainability profile with your customers

    Provide your sustainability profile to all your customers. You are free to distribute your profile to show your good business practices.

IntegrityNext offers a 14-days Free-Trial for buyers.
After 14 days the free trial ends automatically.