On-Demand Webinar

Mastering CBAM with the enhanced IntegrityNext Solution in the U.S.

With the European Union's ambitious Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) rollout, even U.S. companies will be affected. The CBAM aims to equalize the cost of carbon within the EU and is a critical component of the EU’s plan for carbon neutrality by 2050. U.S. exporters, particularly those whose products enter the EU market through European entities, must now grapple with this regulation. This results in new requirements for rigorous emissions reporting. Non-compliance can ultimately have financial repercussions.

This webinar is tailored to U.S. companies that either directly face CBAM regulations through their operations in the EU or indirectly as suppliers to EU importers. The session will demystify the complexities of CBAM, emphasizing the particularities that U.S. companies need to manage.

Join us as we introduce the new and enhanced IntegrityNext CBAM Solution.

This comprehensive, one-stop platform supports U.S. companies in achieving and demonstrating compliance. Simplify the process of emissions data collection, financial impact assessment, and adherence to reporting obligations – all through a single, streamlined interface.


Alexandra Schirmer           Jared Ridgley
Team Lead ESG Experts    Head of Sales, North America