Driving Sustainable Supply Chains: A Case Study from Yunex Traffic


Ensuring a sustainable supply chain is crucial for companies today. Not only does it help in reducing environmental impact and conserving resources, but it also ensures a company´s resilience.  A sustainable supply chain can lead to cost savings through improved efficiency and waste reduction. Moreover, as regulations tighten, companies that prioritize sustainability are better positioned to meet future challenges and opportunities.

In this webinar, Beth Fromage, Procurement Expert, Supplier Management & Sustainability at Yunex Traffic, will provide valuable insights into their supply chain sustainability initiatives.

You will learn how Yunex Traffic is leveraging technology to efficiently create transparency in their supply chain and support compliance with ESG regulatory requirements, including the German Supply Chain Act (LkSG). The presentation will cover Yunex Traffic´s strategic approach to sustainable supply chain management, how they drive supplier engagement and transparency, and the initial results and key learnings from their journey.


  • Beth Fromage, Procurement Expert, Supplier Management & Sustainability, Yunex Traffic