White Paper

Supply chain decarbonization – Tackling the next frontier in the chemical industry

Chemicals are used in virtually all manufactured goods today. At the same time, supply chain emissions make up a major share of many chemical companies’ carbon footprints. The industry is thus heavily affected by regulatory decarbonization initiatives. Still, the widespread over-reliance on secondary emissions data compounds the development of sound mitigation strategies. Supplier-specific baseline data can help enhance the accuracy and impacts of companies' efforts. Advanced IT solutions and close collaboration with suppliers are required to facilitate the meaningful collection and management of emissions data.

What you will learn in this white paper:

  • Role of upstream Scope 3 emissions in the chemical industry

  • Key legislative initiatives and frameworks that require the collection of Scope 3 data

  • Challenges of emissions accounting and benefits of using supplier-specific primary data

  • Importance and fundamental principles of supplier engagement

  • How IntegrityNext can help