White Paper

The Building and Construction Industry – Driving Supply Chain Sustainability

The building and construction industry is characterized by complexity, high levels of fragmentation, and mounting regulatory pressure. With many sustainability impacts occurring along the supply chain and accountability widely dispersed, prevailing challenges must be addressed in a targeted and collaborative manner. Companies can recalibrate their supply chains and procurement practices and should strive to increase transparency across the building and construction ecosystem to tackle the industry’s ecological and carbon footprint.

What you will learn:

  • What are critical sustainability risks and levers for change in the industry’s supply chains
  • ESG legislation and frameworks that are shaping the sector
  • How companies can address the challenge of supply chain decarbonization
  • How IntegrityNext can help

Our industry white paper provides interesting ESG insights not only for construction companies, but also for their suppliers and business partners along the value chain, particularly in sectors such as mining, metal production and processing, cement and many more.